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Lahair & Gallagher Dental offers pediatric and orthodontic dental services from their Worcester dental office. Our dental office specializes in oral healthcare for infants, children and young adults, including patients with special needs. In addition to children’s dentistry, we provide orthodontic care for patients of all ages, including adults as well as children. Dr. Lahair and Dr. McGary offer hospital-based care for those patients that require extensive dental treatment, are fearful or highly anxious, and for children with special needs.

Expert Dental Care for Children and Teens

When kids have positive dental experiences they're much less likely to develop dental anxiety, and continue getting the professional care they need for a lifetime of great oral health. Our dentists and staff have a firm understanding of the growth and developmental needs of young patients’ Dr. Lahair and Dr. Gallagher use advanced techniques, along with radiographs and digital panoramic sensors, to distinguish between alignment and skeletal problems. Our Worcester children’s dentists treat patients in-office or in a hospital setting, according to patient’s needs.

Building a Dental Home in Worcester

Our philosophy at Lahair & Gallagher Dental focuses on providing quality dental treatment and positive patient experiences. It's important to us that our young patients feel good about their visits, so we work to create an office atmosphere that reinforces a positive relationship between patient and care provider.

Because we believe that proactive dental care is healthier than reactive treatment, we see new patients for their first checkup starting at just one year old. It's our aim, as children's dentists, to create a dental home. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists, a dental home is a place where patients know they can rely on us for quality dental care and advice. We start early by helping new parents learn how to best care for their young children's teeth and gums, and help them instilling good oral care habits in their children for a lifetime of great oral health.

Dental Team

Pediatric Dental Services

Lahair & Gallagher pediatric dental team provides a range of services for children and young adults, including:

Worcester Orthodontics for Everyone

Lahair & Gallagher offer several orthodontic treatments for people of all ages, including orthodontic braces and Invisalign®. We screen our young patients regularly to check for orthodontic problems, to ensure early and effective treatment with services like phase orthodontics, expanders or Invisalign® for teens and adults.

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For your child's dental and orthodontic needs, Lahair & Gallagher provides dental services for children, young adults and those with special needs in Worcester, Holden, Shrewsbury and Boylston communities. Contact us to schedule a consultation, or book your child's first appointment with a Worcester pediatric dentist.

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