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At Lahair & Gallagher Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodonticsin Worcester, we deliver comfortable and professional dental care in a relaxed and soothing setting. Our Worcester patients enjoy highly effective and personalized orthodontic care to create a healthy bite for cosmetic and functional improvements. Our pediatric dental and orthodontics office is equipped with specialists who can improve your children’s smiles and care for their needs as their teeth develop. Dr. Paul Shamirian, our Worcester orthodontist, provides treatment for children, teens and adults.

Orthodontic Services for Patients of all AgesWorcester Orthodontist

To help patients achieve their best smile our Worcester dental office offers a range of orthodontic services and treatment options, including:

Expanders: Used to broaden the palate and expand the arch, an expander is fixed onto the teeth on the roof of the child’s mouth. The expander applies pressure outward, widening the arch and opening the natural space between the teeth. Expanders effectively address issues of crowding and a crossbite, and help prepare the mouth for future orthodontic procedures, such as braces.

Ceramic Braces: The porcelain brackets of clear braces are a discreet, metal-free alternative to traditional braces.  Similar to metal braces, ceramic, or tooth-colored braces adjust teeth using wires and brackets to apply pressure to specific areas of the mouth. However, ceramic braces can restrict certain activities and should not be used by people who actively play sports.

Metal Braces: The traditional method of straightening teeth, metal braces are an affordable orthodontic option for just about anyone. From minor issues to complex dental problems, traditional braces are used to treat crooked, crowded teeth, as well as alignment issues and jaw problems. 

Invisalign®:  Clear plastic aligner trays are custom designed to closely fit your teeth, gradually moving them into the desired position without the discomfort of wires and brackets. Invisalign® is an aesthetically pleasing orthodontic process that allows patients to remove the trays in order to eat and drink, as well as to properly brush and floss. 

Worcester Orthodontist, Dr. Paul Shamirian

Before receiving their unique orthodontic treatment plan each patient is assessed according to their individual needs. Dr. Paul and our team of professionals create individualized treatment plans designed to ensure the best care is provided at a pace that suits every patient. 

The initial preparation phase for orthodontic treatments can begin at around age 7 or 8 while the second phase begins around age 11 or 12. We fully involve our patient's parents throughout each step of the process and we are always available to discuss treatment options and home care instructions. 

Some patients require a full mouth reconstruction treatment when trauma or multiple problems affect their bite.  Because Dr. Paul works closely with our pediatric dentists, a range of complex dental issues can be addressed at our Worcester dental office. Our orthodontic treatments assist in full-mouth reconstruction which is fully coordinated and planned by the dental team. 

Our staff is sensitive to patient needs and we will always provide treatment at a level that is comfortable for them. Children with special health care needs will enjoy a pace of treatment designed to help them enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable course of treatment. 

For more information about our Worcester orthodontic procedures or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Paul, contact our office or call (508) 841-3044. Lahair & Gallagher Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics in Worcester is your dental home to provide a healthy smile for our patients.

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